QUDEX platform

Land Owner Solutions

  • Qudex Free land value assessments
  • Qudex Pre feasibility assessment
  • Qudex Land management plan
  • Qudex Environmental assesments
  • Qudex Funding and valorization
  • Qudex QUDE™ contract

Business Eco Solutions

  • Qudex Add Legacy to your business
  • Qudex Easy to use
  • Qudex Transparent
  • Qudex Verifiable
  • Qudex ECO Reach
  • Qudex marketing write off

Register today, and Quantaloop will plant ten trees on your behalf.

For people, for profits, for the planet.

One platform that helps business support local landowners regenerate there land to support global ecosystems thrive, get started for free today and start making positive impacts and share your eco story with the world.

QUDEX platform